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Bluetech Finland completes detail design for car decks

Detail design for the car decks for the significant car and passenger shuttle operating between Helsinki and Tallinn, was done by Bluetech Finland offices in Helsinki and in Vietnam in the city of Ho Chi Minh. The project in question is one of the largest projects executed by Bluetech Finland’s branch in Vietnam.

One of the most significant projects so far for Bluetech Finland’s branch in Vietnam has been completed earlier this year, as the detail design for roughly half of the car decks’ area of Tallink MyStar has been finalized by the team. The detail design included equipment, piping design, 3D modeling for cable trains and ducts and their prefabricate and installation drawings.

The project was led from Finland, and the design work itself was done completely by the Bluetech Finland office in Vietnam.

On a global scale, Tallink MyStar is a quite significant RoPax in terms of size and environmental aspects. The fact that the detail design work was done at our Vietnam office with great results, shows that our Vietnam branch is very eager and capable. With the cooperation of the two teams in Finland and Vietnam, Bluetech Finland can take over even larger and more complex projects, says project manager Jani Ketola.

One of the most environmentally friendly car and passenger shuttles operating on the Baltic Sea, Tallink MyStar, is a car and passenger shuttle ferry built by Rauma Marine Constructions Ltd and starting operation between Helsinki and Tallinn in 2022. The ship is 212 meters long and 30,6 meters wide, and will be one of the most environmentally friendly ships operating on the Baltic Sea. The ship has a capacity of 3000 passengers and over 3000 lane meters of car deck.

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