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Bluetech Finland receives Steel Design Awards

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Bluetech Finland has received “European Award for Steel Structures 2017” and “ECCS Public Award 2017” for engineering the prestigious “Burj Al Arab Terrace, Emirates” project. Awards were published in 14.9.2017 along with the ECCS gala in Copenhagen.

The two awards have been given to the team of six companies forming the core design & engineering team in the building project. Awards are strong signals that our skilled design work reaches high standards and we’re flexible to adapt to the versatile needs of our clients.

The awards are given by European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures (ECCS) every two years to encourage the creative and outstanding use of steel in architecture and construction. As ECCS expresses itself: “Outstanding design in steel construction emphasizes the many advantages of steel in construction, production, economy and architecture”.

For more information on the Terrace project please see our website and, also Admares website (the main constructor). For more information on the awards and ECCS please visit their website.


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