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Bluetech Finland registers India subsidiary Bluetech Design Pvt. Ltd

Bluetech Finland has registered a wholly-owned subsidiary Bluetech Design Private Limited in India. This will increase our design capacity and offerings, with the local design skills available in India.

With this additional capacity, we are happy to strengthen our offerings and increase flexibility to provide design services to shipyards, shipowners and marine equipment & system suppliers.

The new company is based in Bangalore, India, which was once called “the garden city” because of its many green spaces. Recently it has become a bustling centre of India’s technology industry and has earned the distinction of being India’s “Silicon Valley”. The new company in India will be working closely with Bluetech Finland. For more information, please contact:

Petri Hakulinen, Managing Director Bluetech Finland Ltd E-mail: petri.hakulinen (at) +358 40 5546 454

Tommi Jansson, Director Engineering, Bluetech Finland Ltd E-mail: tommi.jansson (at) +358 40 7337 992

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