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Bluetech performing well during challenging times

Despite a very challenging year for the whole maritime industry, Bluetech Finland has been able to weather the storm and thrive in a difficult situation. The past year was actually the busiest in our history. Currently, Bluetech has a record high orderbook even though some projects were canceled, and some postponed due to Covid-19. Consequently, Bluetech Finland has been awarded the highest AAA-certificate of creditworthiness.

Bluetech has been working closely with its partners and existing customers on various projects. In addition to these, Bluetech has managed to find significant new customers in Finland and abroad. Finding new customers during these times is not an easy task, and for us succeeding in this, is a sign that our reputation as a very high-quality ship design office is gaining ground.

The Covid-19 situation has changed the way many companies work, and it has posed new challenges for ship design companies as well. Tight meeting and traveling restrictions have forced companies to adapt modern tools and methods, and Bluetech has been able to handle these changes very well. This is largely due to our very competent employees. Teams in Finland and oversees have been able to maintain a high quality and master tight schedules. Contrary to many other companies in the industry, we have been able to recruit new talent and continue growing our company.

Even though the past year has challenged us as well, we are confident that Bluetech will come out of this situation better and stronger. We remain ready to provide excellent service for shipowners, shipyards, and turn-key suppliers globally.

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Petri Hakulinen, Managing director

E-mail: petri.hakulinen (at)


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