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Luxury Expedition Vessel for Helsinki Shipyard

Bluetech is working together with Helsinki Shipyard on the design of a Luxury Expedition Vessel. The scope includes Hydrodynamical studies and Consultation, Hull Classification Calculations, and Machinery Detail Design of middle section including engine rooms.

Further information about the project from Helsinki Shipyard:

Helsinki Shipyard Inc. is currently working on the project of two Luxury Expedition Vessels. The vessels are intended to operate both in the Arctic and Antarctic waters as well as in the tropical waters during the Spring and Autumn seasons.

The project moves forward according to the plan and the shipyard already started the purchasing process of the equipment and materials.

Main Particulars of the vessels:

  • Length 113 m

  • Breadth 20,2 m

  • Draught 5,7 m

  • Cruising speed 14 knots

  • Ice class PC5

  • Capacity 157 passengers

  • Classification Lloyd’s Register


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