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Tallink MyStar RoPax

Tallink MyStar is a passenger shuttle ferry, designed to operate between Helsinki and Tallinn. When starting operation in 2022 it will be one of the most environmentally friendly car and passenger ship to that date. Roughly half of the area of the car decks’ detail design is delivered by Bluetech Finland.

Tallink MyStar, is built by Rauma Marine Constructions Ltd (RMC) and upon delivery will be operating on the Baltic Sea.

Bluetech scope of work was done by Bluetech’s own teams in Helsinki and Vietnam.

Ship main particulars

  • Deck outfitting detail design

  • Piping detail design

  • HVAC detail design

  • 3D modelling with AVEVA E3D software

  • ​3000 m cargo lanes

  • 3000 passengers

  • 212 m length oa.

  • 30.6 m breadth

  • 5.95 m design draught

Images courtesy of RMC.


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