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Aurora Botnia – Wasaline RoPax

Ordered by the Finnish-Swedish consortium Kvarken Link, the environmentally friendly modern ferry, named Aurora Botnia, is designed to operate between Vaasa and Umeå carrying cargo and passengers between Finland and Sweden across the Gulf of Bothnia. The vessel will be delivered to its owner during spring 2021. Bluetech Finland Ltd delivered deck outfitting detail design for cargo and exterior decks.

The 150 meters long ferry’s RoRo decks constitute a cargo capacity of 1,500 lane meters for the transportation of cars and trailers. The ferry is built by Rauma Marine Constructions Ltd (RMC) at their Rauma shipyard, Finland, with a passenger capacity of 800 people.

See more about Kvarken Link and Bluetech: Aurora Botnia partners

Bluetech Scope of work

​Ship main particulars

  • Deck outfitting detail design

  • Piping detail design

  • HVAC detail design

  • 3D modelling with Aveva E3D software

  • The work was done by Bluetech’s own team.

  • Lane length, 1500 m

  • Passengers 800 persons

  • Length oa. 150.00 m

  • Breadth 24.60 m

  • Draught dsn 5.95 m

Images curtesy of RMC.


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