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Burj Al-Arab Hotel Terrace

  • Bluetech Finland delivered the basic as well as detail design for the hull and HVAC plus numerous FE-analyses to the Hotel Burj Al-Arab Terrace, an outdoor luxury leisure facility in Dubai. The fan-shaped construction of some 5,000 tonnes and 10,000 square metres is made of steel and lifted on top of steel piles

  • Bluetech was also responsible for the piling, lifting and transportation analyses of the terrace, a seamless ‘floating’ addition to the hotel. Moreover, the company performed some thermal, wave load and earthquake analyses. The project required state-of-the-art technology not only in manufacturing and installation techniques, but also in marine, offshore and construction industries

  • First of its kind, the terrace incorporates a 612 square metre freshwater pool and an 828 square metre saltwater pool, 32 private cabanas and 400 sun loungers plus the Scape Restaurant & Bar. Inside, a second level has 5,000 square metres of retail space, VIP areas, locker rooms, shower and other facilities, as well as technical spaces

  • The construction took place at a shipyard in Finland and it was transported by ship to Dubai in eight pieces. Now in place, the structure stretches 100 metres out into the sea and pushes the boundaries of construction, design, architecture and hospitality

Scope of work:

Principle data:

  • Hull basic and detail design

  • HVAC basic and detail design

  • Piling layout design

  • Thermal, wave load & earthquake analyses

  • Lifting analysis of the structure mega blocks for the ocean transportation

  • Transportation securing analysis for the ocean transportation

  • Commissioning management

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • L x B (abt. 126 m x 108,8 m)

  • Weight abt. 3,000 tons

  • 10,000 m2 luxury terrace

  • 32 private cabanas

  • Restaurant & Bar

  • 5,000 m2 of retail space, VIP areas, shower rooms and technical spaces

  • 610 m2 freshwater pool

  • 830 m2 saltwater infinity pool

  • 1,120 m2 beach area with white sand

Admares Burj Al-Arab Terrace Development

SAL Shipping // MV Svenja, Transporting Burj Al Arab Terrace

Jumeirah // Introducing Burj Al Arab Terrace

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