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Floating Luxury Villa

  • Bluetech Finland has been an integral partner in designing a large floating villa of 6,000 square metres for a private use

  • This unique floating hotel of 85 metres long, 28 metres wide and weighing 2,400 tons consists of three guest decks and one maintenance deck. Apart from suites and guest rooms it even has a gym and its own spa and a gourmet restaurant

  • Bluetech was in charge of designing the steel hull, the machinery and HVAC basic plus detail design

  • Constructed in Rauma, Finland the floating villa is largely self-sufficient. It is equipped with wastewater treatment and air conditioning systems together with three large electric generators. The villa has no propulsion, but it can be towed and anchored along a shore and also plugged into power grid and municipal infrastructure

Scope of work:

Ship main particulars:

  • Hull basic and detail design

  • All machinery basic and detail design

  • All ship systems basic and detail design

  • All piping systems detail design

  • Statutory design

  • Project Engineer

  • System Manager, Machinery

  • Hull supervisor

  • Technical site support

  • L x B x H (abt. 81 m x 23 m x 18 m)

  • Weight 2400 tons

  • Interior areas 6.000 m2

    • 23 luxury suites

    • Crew cabins

    • Pool area with a bar

    • Restaurant

    • Garden

    • Gym

    • Bath

  • All systems for autonomous operation in berth

  • Power plant with diesel engines

  • Water evaporator and wastewater treatment systems


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