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Ice Breaker Polaris LNG fuel system

  • IB Polaris is the world’s first LNG operated ice breaker. Vessel has a diesel electric propulsion system and the main engines are fueled with Liquefied Natural Gas as well as Marine Diesel Oil. With this arrangement and thanks to the use of LNG fuel the vessel was ranked as the world’s most environmentally friendly ice breaker when it was delivered in year 2016

  • Our designer has been the system responsible for the dual fuel main engines arrangement design and for the system design of the LNG fuel arrangement. The Main Engines and the fuel system is made for combination of LNG and MDO use

  • The ship was built by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard while number of companies in the Finnish maritime industry have taken part in the development and contracting

Scope of work:

Ship data

  • System responsibilty for the main engines

  • System responsibilty for the fuel system for LNG

  • Length oa: 110.00 m

  • Breadth: 24.00 m

  • Draught, operational: 8.00 m

  • Displacement: 3 000 tn

  • Installed power: 22 MW

  • Propulsion power: 19 MW

  • Speed: 17 kn

  • Speed at 1.2 m ice: 6 kn

  • Crew: 16 pers

  • Endurance: 30 days


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