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Molslinjen RoPax

  • Ordered by the Danish shipowner Mols-Linien the modern ferry is designed to operate between the islands Sjaelland and Bornholm carrying cargo and passengers on the southern Baltic Sea. It is planned to enter operation in September 2018

  • Bluetech Finland Ltd will deliver full scopes for both structural basic and structural production detail design for the entire ropax ferry. A milestone for the company en route to become a major player in the ship design market

  • The 158 metres long ferry’s roro decks constitute a cargo capacity of 1,500 lane metres for the transportation of cars and trailers. The passenger capacity is 600 people

  • The ferry is built by Rauma Marine Constructions Ltd (RMC) at their Rauma shipyard, Finland

Scope of work:

Ship main particulars:

  • Hull basic design

  • Structural FE-analysis

  • Structural 3D modelling

  • Hull detail design

  • Hydrodynamic analyses for the hull form

  • Hull form fairing for production

  • Technical procurement, Machinery

  • ​Lane length, 1500 m

  • Passengers 700 persons

  • Length oa. 158.00 m

  • Breadth 24.50 m

  • Draught dsn 5.70 m


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