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Semi Submersible Heavy Lift Vessel

  • Bluetech Finland has developed a novel Heavy Lift vessel concept

  • Main dimensions of the vessel are carefully considered to maximise the competitive edge

  • The vessel can submerge while the cargo is floated above its huge deck. Thereafter the vessel is pumped afloat again and the vessel lifts the cargo on top of its deck

  • Cargo can be loaded onto its deck also by lifting and or rolling

  • Vessel has dynamic positioning capability either to DP1 or DP2

  • The hull form is modern and thus the fuel consumption per payload unit is very competitive

Scope of work:

Ship data:

  • Concept design

  • Fuel consumption: 12 t/day at 13 knots

  • Dwt: 10.000 tons

  • Deck Load 25 t/m2


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